Our velocity program has made a huge impact with our clients. It is not uncommon for us to put 10 MPH on pitcher’s velocity. Yes, I did say that 10 MPH! Imagine what you could do with 10 more MPH on your fastball. If you have read this so far you must be getting excited and wanting to know more! You must be asking if this so true than how come more Baseball Academies do not offer this type of program? The answer is simple. They don’t offer it because they do not know about it!

As a player I was always a little bit above average with my velocity so I worked hard and researched all types of velocity programs. As a player first I can tell you this program works and as a coach I have seen about 30 players gain at least 8 mph on average doing this program. In fact we have have not a had one single person NOT gain velocity. Everyone has gained a significant amount of velocity and arm strength who has done the program comes back year after year and raves about the program and what it has done for them. Not only do they get stronger and faster but theystay healthier, too.

This is all possible because we treat the body as a whole and we address velocity in the manner of full body training. We implement our cutting edge training routines as well as our cutting edge weighted ball protocal to give our players the edge in training. Our pitchers become more explosive and less injury prone, that’s just the truth.

This program is by no means easy, that is not what I am saying. There is no magic potion or kool-aid that makes this possible. It is simply us providing you with the tools and your work ethic getting the results. Our program is backed by over 30 years of studies of Underload/ Overload training. These studies have concluded that iUnderload/ Overload training does work in helping gain velocity.

Here is what some players of our are saying about the velocity program:

"I have gained close to 10 mph since June 2007 doing this program. I went from 71 to 81mph". -November 2007 (Dan Intili Middlesex County College Baseball Player)

"The first year I gained 10 mph and then each year after that I gained 5. I am now throwing about 82 and looking to gain even more this offseason." P.W. (High School Junior)

" I was skeptical at first but I feel a difference after 1 month. What a sick program. I have already gained 5 mph.  I wish I knew about this earlier." S.K. (High School Senior)

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