"The velocity program improved my body strength and increased. The quality of the pitches became better as my velocity has increased. The program taught me a good lesson to keep challenging yourself and reach a goal/make a goal every lesson. It’s a good program that takes time to improve and I’m glad that I have done it. I’m keeping with it right now to see if I can add even more strength."  - Yoshio Maeda

"I have been working with BIll and his staff since I was 13 and they have made me into a better pitcher than I ever could have imagined. They know so much about the game of baseball and how to teach it. On top of that, they really take time to get to know you on a personal level, not jsut a professional one. As I now begin to look at colleges, where I can continue my baseball career, I can honestly say that I would not have that opportunity without them." - Eric Wisotsky (Pitcher West Windsor)

" I Sujith Murali can say that the velocity program that PPH administers works. Their guidance on the program has helped me gain velocity. This program has helped my confidence not only as a pitcher but as a whole."  - Sujith Murali

"I had high expectations for my son when we started at Power Pitching & Hitting.  I was expecting improvements in velocity, mechanics and strength based on my conversations with the esteemed owner Bill Bethea beforehand.  I can honestly say that my expectations were not only exceeded but blown away!  My son achieved extremely good results in all categories and its totally as a result of what Bill and Dan and the gang do at Power Pitching & Hitting. My son gained 8 MPH in velocity which are phenomenal results for sure but I have no doubt that every other kid can achieve these gains.
Many kudos to Bill and Dan and the gang at Power Pitching and Hitting"   - Ed Decelie

"What’s up Bill. Just to let you know I hit 88 today down in Georgia and was approached by the Pittsburg Pirates. I was consistently hitting 85-86mph." - David Bachner WWPHS North Junior



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