Our clinics cover everything from pitching, hitting, fielding, and catching. We offer them throughout the year. If you are a league interested in hosting one of our clinics, give us a call and we can travel to your site. Throughout the year we also will offer specialty clinics in hitting or pitching. These clinics are advanced and usually are limited enrollment.

Our camps are much like that of a semi-private lesson. This is because we like to keep a 1 instructor to 6-8 player ratio. We have seen camps where there is 200 players and 10 instructors. Our camps are set up with a "target ratio" in mind. We value our campers and we want each and every one of them to walk away with something learned.
Our Campers keep coming back every year for more learning and more fun!   We are expanding in 2008 to offer more dates in a wider Central NJ Area to accomodate demand for our Summer Baseball Camps.   Our camp format is eset up  to accomodate those campers interested in attending baseball camp all summer.   Campers will be able to sign up by position, which enables players to sign up for multiple weeks and receive MORE ADVANCED position specific instructions.
Video Analysis
Our video analysis program is cutting edge and it a great tool we use to enhance our lessons. It is not a gimmick or magic bullet that all of a sudden turns an average player into a superstar but it is a cutting edge program that allows us to show the player where their specific flaws are in a swing or pitching motion, etc. Our system allows us to view video right there during the lesson and it allows us to view the files at 60 frames per second, which is very unique. This enables us to pick up flaws that you cannot see with even a regular digital video camera. It helps pick up things you can’t normally see with the naked eye.
When a player sees the flaw they then realize what they are doing. Most players themselves have no concept of what their body is actually doing. When we asked many of the players on the program if they ever saw themselves on video, a good percentage said no. When we show players not only what they look like but what they do wrong, it makes a huge difference. After a few lessons of drills and skills, we go back to the video to see if the adjustment is being made. When the player sees that all of the work they did is paying off it helps keep the motivation high. It also serves as a great tool to see if the player is working on fixing the flaws. If the player is not, then the video is proof. (not in all cases, as mentioned some players have a harder time correcting flaws than others)
 Coaching Services
Attention all Little League, AAU, High School, and College coaches!
We understand that all coaches have certain philosophies and because of this we offer a special service for you. Because your coaching philosophy and ours might be different, there would usually not be a need for us with your team. Until now! If you are interested in helping your team, this is how we can help.
With our video program we can record any and all of your players and provide you with the video files on a CD. Then you can take the CD home, load it into the computer, and use the arrow keys to view each player frame by frame and do your own Video Analysis. This is a great service because our program breaks down any movement in 60 frames per second, so you can pick up any flaws that you cannot see with a regular digital video camera. So instead of us doing the Video Analysis, you can do it yourself. We just provide the video. This is an awesome tool for you to use.
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